ECO friendly rental cars on Maui

Why rent an ECO Friendly rental car on Maui?

Every car we rent out, vs. the other guys... means less global warming and a smaller footprint on this planet.

As you most likely know, fossil fuels are one of the biggest polluting agents on this planet. Global warming, oil spills, several cancers, plus many other diseases and catastrophies are directly linked to using fossil fuels. While most people will agree how terrible fossil fuels really are, sadly, most turn their head when it comes time to actually doing something about it.

Everyone has choices everyday. Do what's best for the planet and those on it, or not.

Bio-Beetle ECO Rental Cars gives people the ECO FRIENDLY option. On Maui, you have the chance to drive the greenest rental cars available, and actively do something toward reducing fossil fuels and our dependancy of them. A positive step for your kids future, and the right thing to do....

See even more reasons why you should rent an ECO FRIENDLY car, below.

You're not just renting a car…..

If you rent a car from Bio-Beetle ECO Rental cars

  • You will know you are renting the best car you can for the planet, your family, and the future.
  • You're cutting back on fossil fuel use, and the dependancy for oil, thus reducing the threat of terrorism and fighting in foreign wars for oil …
  • You're cutting back on pollution and doing something active toward preventing global warming.
  • You're doing something positive for the future, and your childrens future, and your childrens childrens future...
  • You won't find a company doing this anywhere else in the World.
  • People often notice your ECO friendly car, and appreciate what you are doing! You might even feel like a celebrity!
  • Our cars get much better fuel economy than the "other guys" so one can save a lot in fuel costs, besides fuel up less often!
  • Renting a biodiesel car, you are supporting American farmers instead of the dinosaur petrochemical industry, and taking a stand about it!
  • When you start reading the fine print, and extra fees the other guys charge, like extra drivers, extra hours, etc... you could save a lot of money!
  • Biodiesel cars, you can stand by the tail pipe and not worry about breathing in fossil fuels, which has been proven to cause cancer and other major health problems… The Nissan Leaf doesn't even have a tail pipe!
  • We are a small "mom and pop" company who must buy cars one by one out of pocket, and we aren't supported by a car manufacturer like "the other guys"….
  • We are a small "mom and pop" company so you will get personal service and deal with a real person!
  • We are a pioneering company... taking chances, doing something that no one else has done, (but should be doing) and because of that we sometimes have to pay more, for repairs for example, but we believe it is worth it.
  • We are an environmental company who LIVES what we sell... It's not just about cars...
  • we don't use toxic cleaners... we choose organic/biodegradable/cruelty free..... we recycle and buy recycled...
  • we use 100% recycled or tree free paper... We support local businesses over W-Mart and the other big box stores.... We believe in zero waste, organic farming... we support groups that support the planet and those on it... What other rental car company has that commitment??? Shouldn't it matter where your money is going???
  • You can get a lot of freebies! We loan coolers, boogie boards, reusable shopping bags, etc... all to make your trip better while reducing unnecessary consumerism, and waste
  • You're helping us fix, feed and protect over 130 otherwise, homeless cats.
  • By renting from Bio-Beetle ECO Rental Cars you are doing something active in protecting the planet, your health, and the future.

You're not just renting a car, you're making a difference!

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