WHO is Maui Car Rental company

Bio-Beetle Philosophy

Does it matter who you do business with?

Where does your money go when you pay for something??

We believe it is very important to know where your money goes. To know who you are supporting.... what you are supporting...

You're not just renting a car...

Our priority is to be the "Greenest", most environmentally friendly, and Best, Rental Car company in the world! Better for You and Better for the Planet!

Bio-Beetle believes in doing as little harm to the environment, people, and animals around us as possible. Ethical living and sustainability is our driving force. We live by our beliefs and we will only do business in the same way.

pam and shaun. Owners of Bio-Beetle

Shaun Stenshol and Pamela Miedtke-Wolf started Bio-Beetle in 2003 with one biodiesel car. The whole idea behind bio-beetle ECO rental cars came from protecting the planet. They wanted to show people that there are greener options out there, and they can be had with virtually no major changes between them and the other guys… except for changes for the better….

We all know how bad the oil industry is… oil spills, global warming, climate change, disease, pollution, wars fought over oil, etc… We also all know the need to reduce our fossil fuel use, as a country and as individuals, and we need to support alternatives, sustainable and local sources, for the well being of our planet and everyone on it, for today and the future.

We all make choices, everyday, that have an impact on the world around us and we believe that we all should do all we can to protect this place we call home. Bio-Beetle ECO rental cars makes it easy for people to do this.

Our prices are very comparable to other rental car companies, even though our cars cost us more and are specialty cars. Yet if you factor in the true cost of fossil fuels, all the damage it does, the costs of health problems, and global destruction, even if our prices were a lot more, we would be a lot cheaper in the long run… and worth it!

Bio-beetle is more than just a rental car agency… They live what they believe. They try to make every aspect of their business and personal lives as green as possible… and also run a recycling business on Maui. (Maui Recycling Service)

bio-beetle ogg office

Bio-Beetle uses earth friendly coolants, synthetic engine oil and non toxic cleaners and will always choose the most natural, biodegradable, earth friendly, animal friendly, options available. They use 100% recycled paper, support local businesses, buy organic when possible.. They live off grid, in a small bamboo house with solar, water catchment, and large gardens, and are strict vegetarians.

Green Home

They also created non profit charity for animals and a sanctuary for homeless cats, having taken care of over 200 cats, plus are involved with other local groups working for the greater good.

Save an Animal .org

And they lend out free coolers and boogie boards, etc… to help reduce waste even more and make their customers trips even better!

Bio-Beetle believes in knowledge, peace, and reason. There is no place for prejudice, discrimination, ignorance, nor cruelty in our world. We all must take responsibility for our actions Look at everything we do. Is there a better, greener, nonviolent alternative? Then why not do it.

Youre not just renting a car..

bio-beetle owners Pam and Shaun

Shaun Stenshol, Pamela Miedtke-Wolf


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