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Maui Car Rentals!

Kahului airport, OGG

Hybrid, biodiesel
and electric rental cars!
Great fuel economy!

Better for you,
Better for the planet!

Bio-Beetle ECO
Rental Cars

Rent a BIODIESEL car on Maui

Rent an ELECTRIC Car on Maui

Rent a HYBRID on Maui

Rent a JEEP on Maui

Why ECO Friendly?

Rental Information

WHO we are



ECO Rental Cars
on Maui

808-873- 6121

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BIO-BEETLE listed in 100 most BRILLIANT Companies
Entrepreneur Magazine, 2011!  

biodiesel rental cars in maui

Closest car rental to
Kahului Harbor and Cruiseships

5 Minutes from
Kahului OGG Airport

Rental Cars on Maui:


biodiesel fueled rental cars

A portion of all car rentals go toward helping animals on Maui!

A portion of all car rentals proceeds goes toward 

helping animals

You're not just
Renting a Car!

biodiesel rental cars in maui


Rent a car on Maui
that gets 50 mpg!

or rent a car that doesn't even use gas!

SAVE $$ in fuel!
FREE Airport Pickups!
NO OGG Airport tax!
After hours? No problem!

FREE COOLERS/ Beach Toys/ etc...

All sales goes toward animal rescue and shelters on 

Drive a regular car, sedan, hatchback, or Jeep,
powered by vegetable oil, (biodiesel)
or rent the most fuel efficient gas car available on Maui,
Toyotas Hybrid Prius!
Or a rental car that doesn't need fuel at all!
100% Electric rental car!

FREE Pick ups and dropoffs...
OGG Kahului airport, Kihei, Kahului Harbor
and many other locations on Maui!

808-873- 6121

Do something better for the planet
and your family while on Maui!

Convenient! Easy refueling! More fun!

or Click here for a printable/faxable form.

Save on fuel too!
Our biodiesel Rental Cars Average 35-40 MPG
over 400 miles on a tank!
Prius averages 50 mpg!
Drive over week and not fuel up!

Other rental car agencies cars average under 20 mpg.

Bio-Beetle ECO Rental Cars
was voted as one of the winners in
People and Planet Awards.
Fall 2013
Thank you to everyone who supports what we do!

808-873- 6121
Maui Hawaii

You're not just Renting a Car................................You're making a difference! Rental Cars on 

Maui... Beetle, Golf, Jeep, Jetta

Click on above picture for more info
about each vehicle available on Maui

Prius Hybrids,
Biodiesel VW Beetles, Jettas,... and
JEEP Rental Cars on MAUI
and 100% ELECTRIC EV rental cars!

Hybrid prius car 



For up to the minute availability for Maui
call: 808-873-6121


What our renters said about renting a Bio-Beetle ECO Rental Car...

"It was a pleasure not driving around on petroleum!"

"I'll come back just to drive this car! "

"I felt like a celebrity! "

"The best decision I made on the Islands! "

"Very fun to drive! "

"You can't help but feel good driving this car! "

"I felt Like I had a friend there before I arrived! "

"Definately the best customer service of any rental car agency!"

"This has to be the Coolest rental car company, anywhere!"

 All Maui renters must have:
valid Drivers license
Copy of insurance policy that covers liability
and collision for rental vehicles.
Gold / Platinum visa/mc
from American Bank.

See our Policy Page here:

Maui's ECO Friendly
Car Rental


Chevy Volt

100% electric plug in 

rental car
Nissan LEAF
100% Electric
Rental Car!

Click for more info...

Rent a hybrid car
Hybrid Gas PRIUS, 50 mpg!
maui car rentals hybrid

Other rental cars fueled by


Our mission is to be the "GREENEST", and "BEST", rental car company
on the planet.

Better for YOU!
Better for the Planet!

Regular cars but ECO 

400 plus Miles average  

Per Fill, depending on which car you rent.
35-50 Miles Per Gallon 

No hidden Surprises  

when you sign the papers
Real people to answer 

the phones, and answer your questions.
Free Pick ups and Drop 

offs at the local OGG Airport. and other places
Only Safe, Non toxic 

Cleaners used! biodiesel cars= Cleaner exhaust. 

.. Leaf has ZERO emissions!
Less pollution... Slow 

down global warming...Biodiesel is made in America,
(Unless you left your 

kids at home)
Vegi oil cars, Beetles, 

volt... Very cool!
Sedans, Hatchbacks...
Owned and operated by 

people who  live what they sell.

ethical business 


Read Our Full Philosophy Here!


SAVE MONEY and Save the planet
Renting a
ECO Rental Car...


Company that actually cares about the planet and the 

people on it

Maui Car rentals
Prices listed do not include:

  • .56 a day license & registration fee
  • $3.00 a day State of Hawaii road tax
  • 4.166% sales tax.
  • First two drivers no extra charge.
    $5 a day charge for
    each additional driver..
We rent cars
to 21 year olds!

Additional fees, such as
excessively dirty cars, refueling, and after hours parking, charges may apply..


A Holiday for the planet!
Borrow a Cooler, a book, sand buckets, shopping bags...!

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